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GACA Meeting

Febraury 26, 2020


The next regular membership meeting of the Greater Accokeek Civic Association will be held on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 7:30 p.m. at the Accokeek Volunteer Fire Hall, 16111 Livingston Road, Accokeek, MD. 20607. The special guest speaker will be representative of the WSSC.  Prince George’s District VII Police Department “COPS” officer Cpl. Rannacher will provide his crime report. Learn about other issues of community interest. Visit the GACA “free table” and enjoy free refreshments as well.  Everyone is welcome!



Previous GACA agendas


The regular membership meeting of the Greater Accokeek Civic Association was held on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 7:30 p.m. at the Accokeek Volunteer Fire Hall, 16111 Livingston Road, Accokeek, MD. 20607. The special guest speaker was Maryland State District 27 Delegate Kris Valderrama.  Prince George’s District VII Police Department “COPS” officer Cpl. Rannacher provided a report. The Learn about the Committee to Restore Term Limits provided information on reinstituting term limits in PG County and other issues of community interest.





Special Meeting of the Greater Accokeek Civic Association (GACA) about Royal Farms #220 Accokeek Project to be Held on August 28


The Greater Accokeek Civic Association (GACA) will hold a special meeting about the Royal Farms #220 Accokeek Project, on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 7:30 p.m. at the Accokeek Volunteer Fire Hall, 16111 Livingston Road, Accokeek 20607. This Royal Farms project was the topic of the regular June 2019 GACA membership meeting, and because of the considerable community interest, this special meeting is being called to further explore Traffic, Community/Local, and Environmental impacts of the project. A panel presentation format will be used to help inform the community about the Royal Farms Convenience Store/Gas Station project, a “food or beverage store in combination with a gas station” on 2.94 acres on the southwest quadrant of Indian Head Highway and Livingston Road. The project would include a 4,600 square foot “store,” eight gas pumps, and parking for 69 vehicles. The project is currently going through the various steps of review required by Prince George’s County/Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission; the Zoning Hearing Examiner has not yet scheduled the Special Exception (#4816) for the gas station component.

Anyone interested in the project is encouraged to become a person of record; go to the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission website: and scroll down the list in "application number" to SE-4816: Royal Farms #220, then fill in your contact information.


Also attached as a pdf is a list of some questions GACA posed to Royal Farms and their responses. 


If you would like to read the documents the county has on SE-4816, the below three links open adobe pdfs with the county's staff report, drawing of the proposed Royal Farms station, and other correspondence the county has documented.



a. Staff Report

b. Power Point

c. Backup



The next Greater Accokeek Civic Association (GACA) general membership meeting is scheduled for 7:30pm on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at the Volunteer Fire Company #24 Hall at 16111 Livingston Road. Current members, prospective members, and anyone interested in hearing information on concern to the Accokeek community are welcome to attend. 

Visit GACA’s “Free Table”

Enjoy Refreshments

Pledge of Allegiance

Treasurer’s Report

PG PD Community Officer’s report 


Old Business Reports: TBD


New Business Reports: TBD


Member Comments/Discussion.







Past Meeting Notes

June 27, 2018

Business Reports:

1)     Accokeek Academy Boundary Change Task Force draft proposals to date

  • Gwynn Park H.S. 400 students over capacity in 4 years

  • New subdivisions

2)     County Proposal for public-private partnerships for school construction

3)     $34+ million in development fees county-wide may be unaccounted for, to response from County Executive.

4)     Dominion Gas Compressor current status

5)     ADRCD ( Accokeek Development Review District Commission)

6)     MD Hwy 210 safety meetings

7)     Airplane noise

Member Comments/Discussion.



1) National Night Out Against Crime - at County's District VII Police Station on August 7, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.



June 28, 2017

  Accokeek Academy just had a renovation completed and yet is already overcrowded.  The Board of Education has presented several options for solving this concern at Accokeek Academy including:

       a. Reassigning “The Preserves” and other homes off Danville Road and Floral Park Road to Ft Washington Forest Elementary School (ES).

       b.Establishing a two campus academy with the Ft Washington Forest ES and Potomac Landing ES buildings to serve students in grades K-8 from those communities.

       c. Moving the elementary school Talented & Gifted (TAG) center program at Accokeek Academy to Ft Washington Forest ES, and moving the middle school TAG center program at Accokeek Academy to Gwynn Park Middle School (MS) or to Isaac Gourdine MS.

       d. Changing middle school assignment from Accokeek Academy to Isaac Gourdine MS for Potomac Landing ES and the portion of Ft Washington Forest ES that is assigned to Accokeek Academy.


  While GACA has no major objections to either Option B or Option D, GACA is solidly against Option C because of the lasting adverse impacts of removing the TAG center from Accokeek Academy and Option A as we want Accokeek residents to be able to go to Accokeek's school. 

  GACA has a three-points for consideration that would both ease the overcrowding at Accokeek Academy as well as provide Fort Washington Forest ES and possibly Isaac Gourdine MS additional benefits at a relative low cost. 

  • First, the Prince George’s County BOE should immediately conduct an in-depth audit of Accokeek Academy students’ addresses.  Even BoE records quoted in their previous presentations show that Accokeek Academy has at least 34 non-TAG children from outside the schools’ current boundaries.  The BoE and Accokeek Academy should not be granting exceptions for attendance at Accokeek Academy to children from outside the school boundaries when the school is already over capacity. 

  • Second, only a minority of TAG eligible students in Prince George’s County participate in TAG center programs (school year 2016 saw the best results with 34.5% of grade 1 students, 240 of 694 eligible, accept placement offers in a TAG center).  GACA proposes that the Prince George’s County BoE put much greater emphasis on notifying parents of the merits of the TAG program and open additional TAG centers, including one in Ft Washington Forest ES for grades 2-5 and possibly Isaac Gourdine MS for grade 6-8.  Both schools are significantly under-enrolled and should have classroom capacity available.  In school year 2016, parents for 300 of the 694 TAG-eligible children did not even submit applications to the lottery to attend a TAG center.  Of these 300 students, 266 parents answered a survey which asked why they did not apply for a TAG center; 35.3% did not even know of the TAG center lottery, 27.1% did not have enough information about TAG centers, 26.3% preferred to have their children attend a neighborhood school, and 17.3% thought the TAG centers were too far from home.  More knowledge of TAG and additional TAG centers established should see more parents seeking this excellent opportunity for their children.  This proposal is supported by the BoE’s recent report Analysis of TAG Center Enrollment and its Impact on Readiness for Middle School, in which parents of children in TAG programs reported to the BoE survey that a TAG center provided the best opportunities for their children (73%).  GACA very strong supports this step no matter what solution the BoE eventually adopts as it will provide better education opportunities for Prince George’s County’s children and has minimal costs to the school system (to date, GACA’s research has determined the primary cost for TAG consists of specialized training for TAG teachers).

  • Third, GACA supports the immediate adoption of a modified version of the BoE’s Option D to relieve overcrowding at Accokeek Academy, and as soon as possible provide CIP funding for Ft Washington’s elementary schools to create a two campus K-8 academy in Ft Washington.  Changing the middle school boundaries for Ft Washington would reduce the non-TAG grade 6-8 student population at Accokeek Academy by 220 students.  Boundaries could be changed to have these 220 students all attend Isaac Gourdine MS, which is under enrolled and could absorb them all, or be split between Oxon Hill MS, Gwynn Park MS, and Isaac Gourdine MS. 

  For more information on Accokeek Academy, overcrowding, and related issues see:


PG County Public Schools web on "Official September 30, 2016" enrollment figures: /DownloadAsset.aspx?id=235948

PG County Board of Education briefing given at Ft Washington Forest Elementary on 23 March

PG County Board of Education study on the Talented & Gifted (TAG) Program 

Member Comments/Discussion.




Looking Back
At the 2017 April GACA Meeting we were happy to award Al Morton, the Accokeek Citizen of the Year award.  The new GACA board is Phil VanWiltenburg, president, Roger Midgette, vice president, Bill Legg secretary, Stevenson McIlvaine treasurer and members at large: Dan Donohue, Holly Wagner, Kent Hibben, and William Centeno.  The nominating committee was Joan Smuck, Ray Lacey and Pat Moran. 


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Meeting Reminders


The last Wednesday of June (26th); September (25th); and November (20th)


Accokeek Vol. Fire Dept. #24 Meeting Hall, 16111 Livingston Road

Schedule of events:

​7:30 PM


Accokeek is home to beautiful Piscataway Park on the shores of the Potomac River.

Center of town during hurricane Sandy

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